Let's Talk
(posted by S.J. on January 11, 2013)

Hey, it's us and we have a new video.

(posted by S.J. on February 11, 2012)

So yeah, our big white tour van has been slowly turning brown during this unseasonably slushy and dirty winter, but we're preparing to cram it through a drive-thru wash and hit the road again. Come see us as we pave our way from Vancouver to Saskatoon in March with a couple of swell bands, Sidney York and The Fortunate Isles. Check our dates page for the details and if you happen to see a van stuck half-way in a car wash.. just keep driving.

(posted by S.J. on Sept 21, 2011)

Our new album is officially available and we hear it's already on its way to selling out on itunes. Not sure how that's even possible come to think of it. But, thanks to all the radio stations that have picked it up and many thanks again to Rawlco Radio and the Saskatchewan Arts Board for the generous support along the way! If you'd like to get your ears on a copy, here's a link to BUY IT ON ITUNES. (uh, while supplies last). And if you'd like to get physical, you'll want to CLICK HERE.

We're off to Edmonton and Calgary for a couple of shows with PS I LOVE YOU, so see you soon!

(posted by S.J. on Aug 18, 2011)

We're really excited to announce our new album "People" is coming out September 20th. It's 13 new songs - one of which we want you to have for free right this minute. Here's Almost Innocent. Make sure to download a second copy for the car.

(posted by S.J. on Mar. 4, 2011)

We're two shows into our Spring tour and loving being back on the road, as freezing frickin cold as it may be. Check our tour section for details and hopefully you can make it out to a show!

TOP 60
(posted by S.J. on Feb. 9, 2011)

Thanks for all the votes everyone! We're now in CBC Radio 3's Searchlight top 60 best music websites in Canada. Round 2 of voting starts now and you can vote every day. We're honored to be listed among such great sites. This only means one thing: time to bring out the big guns...

(posted by S.J. on Feb. 4, 2011)

I was just saying the other day how good I am at internet and now here we are on CBC Radio 3's long-list for best Canadian music website. Thanks for the nod, Radio 3! If you wanna vote - GO HERE. And if you're really passionate about websites &/or voting, you can vote every 24 hours. Crown us internet king and.. king's sister! Of course, it should also be noted that Maybe Smith's twitter feed also made the list.. so, I'm not sure how much bragging rights we really have.

HERE'S TO 2011...
(posted by S.J. on Jan. 5, 2011)

Thanks to everyone who made 2010 great and we want to wish all of our friends, family and fans the best in 2011. We've got some good things happening and we're feeling excited for the coming year.

Since we got back from our tour in November, we've pretty much had our heads down in the studio, and so far, I must say.. not bad. We'll be in Toronto in March for Canadian Music Week and we'll have some more announcements soon as well.

We also want to send a huge thanks and shout-out to Rawlco Radio, The Saskatchewan Arts Board and FACTOR. We truly appreciate the support!

(posted by S.J. on Nov. 11, 2010)

Our tour has been zooming by. Eating copious amounts of leftover halloween chocolate, stacks of McDonald's (well, not Maygen) and indulging in some beverages of the adult variety - and somehow I'm in the best shape of my life. Maybe I'm onto something here. Anyway, we're in London, Ontario with about 10 days left in our tour. Really looking forward to our hometown EP release show on Nov 27 at Amigos. [CLICK FOR FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE]

Also, we got some exciting news the other day - Our video for "Keep Your Balance" was recently picked up by The Wedge on MuchMusic! [CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT]

(posted by S.J. on Oct. 12, 2010)

Our new Velvet Hideout EP is officially on the shelves.. well, metaphorically speaking. You can get it on iTunes for only $3.96 or if you wanna get physical, you can order the disc from MapleMusic for just $4.99. Or, you could be real cutting edge and get both!

(posted by S.J. on Sept. 30, 2010)

This is the premiere of our new music video for "Keep Your Balance."  Yes, the whole video is made up of thousands of still photographs and yes, I'm going blind from editing.  Enjoy the show!

(posted by S.J. on Sept. 10, 2010)

bestnewbands.com did a feature and an interview with us the other day. Click here to find out why I no longer have a computer mouse...

Also, Velvet Hideout was the song of the day last week on Chartattack.com - Check out the nice things they said!

We'll be announcing more tour details in the next while and we also have another bit of excitement to unveil, but that'll have to remain a mystery for now. Keep close, kinsmen.

(posted by S.J. on Aug 25, 2010)

Our EP comes out in just over six weeks.. And, because we're so nice, but mainly because we've got ants in our pants (we should probably get that checked out), we've decided to posted all four songs today. But before you can listen, you have to ask yourself three questions... Are you:

A) stuck in 2004, having the irresistible tendency to say "Thanks for the add!" any time someone asks to be your friend? (click here)

B) addicted to looking at pictures and updates from people who probably aren't even your real friends, while procrastinating at work and or school? (click here)

C) all of the above? (us too, click here)

Now, regardless of which social network you populate, everybody likes free things.. Click here to download the title track of our EP for free.

Oh yeah, and thanks for the add!

(posted by S.J. on Aug 17, 2010)

Hey guys..Welcome to the new site.. I spent a lot of time getting the links at the top to glow, so make sure to move the mouse over each word again and again so I can feel like it was worthwhile.  We're releasing our new EP on October 12 and we'll be posting some of the new music here in the next week or two.  Make sure to follow us on the twitter and facebook, etc. if you don't already. (while you're at it look at those links glow too).

Stay close always..

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